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About Me

Laura O Donnell graduated from Trinity College in 2009 with a Bsc. Occupational Therapy.  She has extensive experience working with adults with acute and chronic conditions across a wide range of clinical areas. These include Neurology (e.g. Stroke, Brain Injury, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, neuropathies), Frail Elderly (e.g. falls, mild cognitive impairments, Dementia), Chronic Pain and pulmonary, cardiac, endocrinology (e.g. diabetes) and orthopaedic conditions. She specialises in Stroke/Neurological rehabilitation and Chronic Pain management.

Laura has been the sole senior occupational therapist within one of Ireland’s first Early Supported Discharge (ESD) services for Stroke for the past five years. Her special interests are sensory and motor upper limb rehabilitation, management of the hemiplegic arm, mirror therapy, cognitive rehabilitation and visual/perceptual retraining. She regularly attends conferences and training courses to ensure she is enhancing her skills, keeping up-to-date with best practice and providing best possible interventions to her clients.

Laura has also worked within a Pain Management service as the lead senior occupational therapist for over three years.  She provides rehabilitation and education to clients with conditions such as chronic upper limb, back, neck, pelvic and neuropathic pain, enabling them to self-manage their conditions. She works with clients to increase their independence and participation in areas such as work, education, family life, social and leisure pursuits. Laura also has experience in treating Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS).

For a full list of Laura's qualifications, training and publications please click HERE